Monday, July 13, 2009

Cville Craft Attack July News

Lindsey Mears will be showing several mixed media pieces as part of the exhibition BookMarks: The Book as an Aesthetic Object, at the Gallery at the new Terminus building in Atlanta. All the works in Bookmarks incorporate parts of existing books, to create new book objects. In her pieces, she uses pages from 19thc. Victorian photo albums.

July 16 through October 9,
All are 8" x 8" x 2", mixed media, 2009.


My Golden Hoarde (thorns)

ByCary had a great time at the Renegade Craft Show in Brooklyn, NY and is busy thi
s summer attending the Cville Farmer's Market and updating her new Facebook page. If you aren't already a fan, please click on this link to become one: You can stay tuned on when Cary will be where and see lots of pictures of her work.
Oh, and if you like Twitter, then TWEET, TWEET! ByCary is also now on this other social media site. You can find her by looking for "ByCary".

This Saturday, July 18th, Cary will be at the Cville Farmer's Market...come out for a little summer sale, one day only...for those who spend $25 or more, they will receive 10% off their entire purchase. Cary is excited to help produce more special custom wedding invitations and announcements as this is the season! The 10% also applies to anyone who starts the process of a custom invitation order as well. Hope to see you then!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I look forward to seeing you at the
market if you are local.
Otherwise, don't forget to visit:

Victoria Horner's show schedule in July is light, but she's been busy with sales of her Swim Cap Bags, which have been a big hit at regional shows, and are now gaining exposure in Spain & France, not to mention, Hollywood, where Perrey Reeves, an actress from HBO's Entourage, recently brought one back after stopping in Richmond earlier this summer. Check out her website for more info .

taviametal - There are many wonderful goings on with Tavia Brown and taviametal jewelry over these summer months so far. Locally, taviametal has been featured on many blogs, most recently on,, and Nationally, Tavia’s work can be seen in the July issue of ELLE magazine – on the tips n trends page, and can be found on a number of blogs that are not Charlottesville-centric, but are just as cool. Tavia is also pleased to announce the addition of another gallery carrying taviametal jewelry – Seasons on St. Croix, an original fine art and contemporary craft gallery in Hudson, WI. Oh! One more note - Tavia’s show schedule is filling up for the fall and winter season, so be sure to check out her calendar to see where you can catch a visit and see her new work.

Magnolia Moonlight - A new print, "The Lost Islands" has recently been featured on Design Milk. Christina has also been spending lots of time with her new arrival - an amazing baby girl named Abigail!


Anonymous said...


I'm moving back to Charlottesville (where I used to live 25 years ago) from the UK at the end of February. I'm a textile artist and I would like to join your group as soon as I get there. You can see some of my work at

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