Monday, March 22, 2010

Here in the studio of Martha Keith, I'm focused on commissioned pieces these days. Since giving birth to my son just over a year ago, I've concentrated my limited jewelry energy on my favorite way to design: with a specific individual in mind. I've been honored to continue making pieces for significant life events for folks both locally and at a distance. This most recent engagement ring now rests on the hand of one New Zealander living in the UK who will be marrying an American currently in Turkey (just to keep it interesting.) 18 karat white gold wraps, like waves or foliage, around greenstone, or jade, from New Zealand. The stone, purchased as a slab from NZ, was cut by local jeweler and lapidary Carol Rohmann. I asked her to keep the words, "organic", "pebble", and "found object" in mind as she shaped the stone. Congratulations to the newly engaged duo, Liz and Christoph!

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Rachel said...

That is gorgeous!