Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had two big events coming up (my sister's baby shower and my daughter's 1st birthday) and decided that I needed to have some flag bunting for both.  I was originally planning to make them myself until Rachel of Gemini Skye brought some recent ones she had made to our Craft Attack meeting.  They were gorgeous and soooo much better than what I could do with a sewing machine. I asked her if she would make some for me and ta-daa!  Now, being a creative person, I tend to make things myself almost always and rarely have anything made especially for me.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was to have these arrive at my door.  For my sister's baby shower, Rachel had the wonderful idea to have the back be blank so that everyone could write a sweet little note to the baby to be (she even included a fabric pen!).  The idea being that my sister could read the notes everyone wrote to her daughter when she grew up.  People loved the idea and wrote the sweetest things.  She is planning to hang it in her nursery.

The bunting for my daughter's 1st birthday is oh so fun and even has a personalized note sewn into it that marks the momentous occasion.  There are already three parties planned for her and I plan to use the bunting at each one.  It really is wonderful to have something hand made especially for you - especially when it turns out as wonderful as these.  Thanks Rachel!!    - Christina

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