Saturday, December 3, 2011

Incredible Line-up--Featured Artists: Christina Flowers, Victoria Horner, Lotta Helleberg and Ken Nagakui

Everyone, there are going to be some majorly talented people at this year's Holiday Craftacular! This is such a varied and creative group of people! You need to feast your eyes on the array of color, texture and shape that will be on display--and then take some home to enjoy at your length and leisure!

Christina Flowers
Magnolia Moonlight

Christina Flowers is an award winning Graphic Designer who created Magnolia Moonlight in the fall of 2007. Trained first as an Architect and Industrial Designer, she approaches her work from many directions. A passion for making, a natural penchant for color and a love of all things design, are just a few of the ingredients that inspired her to create Magnolia Moonlight.

In the shop you'll find calendars, cards, illustrated prints, invitations and most recently Whisper mobiles!

In addition to all that you will find here at Magnolia Moonlight, Christina has also opened a sister shop, Oh So Smitten. It is full of cute robots, silly woodland creatures and other goodies for the young and young at heart. You can see for yourself at the Oh So Smitten shop.

Victoria Horner
I'm a handbag designer based in Charlottesville, VA. My bag business began in 1997, but I've been sewing since I was 13. Before bags, I was a dress designer in New York. *****I have another shop on Etsy, where I feature my vintage inspired swim cap bags. Please visit it at*****

Peacock PocketbookShoulder Clutch - Starburst
Doctor Bag - Black FloralClutch Bag - Purple Sari

Lotta Helleberg--Contemporary Textile Artist

lotta helleberg is a textile artist with a background in graphic design and print making. She works primarily with linen and utilizes a technique in which leaves and other plant material are coated with paint and pressed onto fabric. She is also exploring natural dyes and eco-printing, where the plants themselves release color pigments which bond with the fabric. The resulting impressions are incorporated into quilts, fabric collages, and a variety of functional and decorative objects. Lotta was born in Sweden and now lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her work has been exhibited at several regional galleries.

fern clutch pursesage sachets

Ken Nagakui
Pottery Studio Karematsu
For more information, visit:

Hand-built and wood-fired stoneware is the shortest description of my work. I do not use an electrically powered wheel, but roll pieces of clay to make coils and build the body. In a way, this is very much traditional technique. Next, I smoothen out the texture with my tools, some of which I fashion out of bamboo. Stoneware,compared to earthenware, is vitrified to dense and hard rock-like quality. Vitrification happens somewhere below or above 2,000 F, depending on contents of flux in the clay body. When vitrified, the clay becomes dense or actual rock. After it hardens, I add layers of glaze to the body and fire within my hand-built kiln.

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