Monday, December 8, 2014

3-D printed toys, games, and more from [carrythewhat?] replications

[carrythewhat?] replications is the coming together of three good friends, their 2 cats, and an ever expanding number of 3D printers. Currently, they have NINE(!!!) printers, but back in 2011 when [carrythewhat?] first got started, all they had was one lonely printer and loads of curiosity. They started out by making some fun things they found online or designed themselves. Eventually they figured "hey, not everyone has a 3D printer (yet!), why not make all of this awesomeness available to buy!?"

Ever since then, they have cultivated their shop with the attitude of, "if we don't like it, we don't list it." Not only does this mean selecting items they themselves would love to receive, it also means putting effort into maximizing the quality of prints they sell. By the time they list an item, they have already done several rounds of test printing to make sure it looks its best and is built to last.

Craftacular first saw the work of [carrythewhat?] at the Charlottesville Mini Maker Faire. We were impressed with their creativity and knew they would bring something completely different and new to Craftacular this year. Come check them out on Saturday, December 13th, 9am - 6pm at CitySpace downtown.

*all geared parts move and are fully functional!

*all geared parts move and are fully functional!

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