Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday & Triple Giveaway!

It's Black Friday and while the world goes crazy with spending, you can take the relaxing route to free art! We're giving away three giftable handmade pieces by local artists, and you only need to enter once (via this link) to be entered for the drawing of all three.

Gift One: Child's Shift Dress by Sonya Glasserkey

Glasserkey Designs specializes in casual clothing for young children inspired by simple lines and classic shapes. Sonya, the designer and seamstress, likes to highlight the fabric she uses in each piece with looks that are comfortable, playful, and ready to be played in!
Her giveaway item is a linen shift dress for a two year old, with two blue feather print pockets on the front and matching blue buttons.

Gift Two: Green Daisy Print Clutch bag by Victoria Horner Creative Handbags

Victoria Horner's elegant handbags use exquisite fabrics classic shapes and classic structures to bring pops of style and elegance to any wardrobe.
Valued at $60, this green daisy print clutch includes a zipper closure and covertible wrist strap could bring a little sunshine into your life if you win it today!

Gift Three: Hand-forged Bottle Opener by Blanc Creatives

At Blanc Creatives, Corry Blanc makes hand-forged and carved kitchen accessories, including bottle openers, skewers, cutting boards, and carved spoons.
This hand-forged bottle opener with a wooden handle is valued at $40 and would be the perfect holiday gift for the man or woman in your life. To win this or any of these three beautiful  items, enter here! Good luck!

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