Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Win an Ocean Bliss glazed pitcher by Ros Nuesch of Two Owls Pottery!

Roslyn "Ros" Nuesch of Two Owls Pottery specializes in functional pottery for the home. Her inspiration comes from nature, my mother and my Native American heritage, and here's what she has to say about her adorable--and touching--logo:
I had recently found my birth family and discovered that I am Native American.  Native Americans are named at birth according to what is happening around them at the time of their birth, usually associated with nature.  Later in life, society bestows them a new name which is earned by their life experiences and accomplishments.  I wasn't ready for my own studio yet but knew that when I was it would be called Two Owls Pottery.  Thank you, Tom!

The Two Owls represent my mother, who loved owls, and myself, who loved my mother very much.

Today only, you have the chance to win a handsome ceramic pitcher with a rich "ocean's bliss" glaze handmade by Ros herself. Valued at $58, this functional piece can liven up any holiday table or simply offer practical use year-round.


Click here for your chance to win it!

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