Monday, November 21, 2011

Featured Artist: Cary Oliva

Another of our featured artists is Cary Oliva. Fall floral silhouette on kraft cards

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art". - Leonardo Da Vinci

Marble coasters - Vintage lily pads Marble coasters - Owls 2012 Recycled Paper Floral wall calendar
Photo Credit: Jen Fariello

Cary Oliva is an artist who loves dabbling in lots of different media. She loves polaroids, paper, watercolors, waste not paper colors, good design, cards, and textiles. She has always loved creating things, and after studying art in Pennsylvania, Italy and New York, Cary moved to Charlottesville where she has been living and creating various media for a little over eight years. Her love of doodling turned into creating a line of whimsical, hand-drawn and embellished greeting cards, which has since evolved into other types of floral and other fun designs that take the form of cards, invitations, custom stationery, coasters, journals and prints. A love of photography inspired her to learn some alternative techniques, specifically with Polaroid photography. Cary enjoys working with clients to create custom creations whether it is in the form of a hand-made invitation, a special coaster or a vintage looking photograph.

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