Monday, November 26, 2012

Christina Flowers of Magnolia Moonlight & Oh So Smitten

Today's giveaway artist is Christina Flowers, a Charlottesville-based illustrator and designer who creates a variety of paper goods, including graphic art prints, cards, calendars and mobiles. She also designs the lovely graphics for Cville Holiday Craftacular every year.

Christina's work in action.

Her style is clean and modern with a playful side that embraces bold color. Her lovely birthday calendars (one of which you can win today!) have been featured in two design books, Print & Pattern and Creative Calendar Collection.  

Christina manages two shops, Magnolia Moonlight and Oh So Smitten, and as of October 2012, an exciting new portrait business she explains here. Read on to discover her design inspirations, love of storytelling, and affinity to The Stars.

What is your artistic background?
I have a degree in Architecture and Industrial Design.  The study of color, form and light were a part of the daily education as well as the practice of creating.  I enjoy projects that I can create myself from start to finish. I strive to make artwork that can tell a story and has meaning.
Who are your greatest artistic influences?
Where do you get inspiration?
Recently a lot of my inspiration comes from my children.  Things I think of while playing with or reading to them.  Sometimes it comes on a long road trip where I am brainstorming with my husband.   I always carry one or two sketch books with me and when an idea strikes I sketch it out quickly so I can come back to it when I have more time. 

How long have you been creating this form of art?
I have been working professionally as a graphic designer for over ten years.  I started my company Magnolia Moonlight in 2007. I work with clients to create logos, invitations, newsletters, etc. I simply love working with people to help make their new business vision a reality.  I also create event packages, such as the posters, postcards ads and signage for Craftacluar.  

 My Magnolia Moonlight shop is a place where I send all of my extra creative energy.  It is a wonderful feeling when something I create from my heart is purchased and finds a new home.  I have sold my creations to people all over the world.  Interacting with my customers is extremely rewarding!
 In 2007, I also opened Oh So Smitten. This sister shop features invitations and prints with cute robots, silly woodland creatures and other goodies for the young and young at heart.
Tell us about your newest project.
I opened Head Shoulders Hand & Heart in October of 2012. I create custom portraits--"modern, folksy, and fun portraits for every age." This art is motivated by the stories of people, characters, and families.
Family Evolution.

What time of day do you prefer to work? Where? What helps you concentrate?
I have a home office and I find that I am most creative in the mornings.   I love listening to music while I work. My favorite song changes daily but I just saw The Stars in concert at The Jefferson, and I have loved the song Calendar Girl for a long time.

You can visit this Calendar Girl at the 2012 Holiday Craftacular this Friday, November 30th, and Saturday, December 1st, at CitySpace. Be sure to visit her online shops at Magnolia Moonlight, Oh So Smitten, and her newest addition, Head Shoulders Hand & Heart.

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