Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jan Crowther of Frog Moon Pottery

As a child, Jan Crowther always had her hands dirty with glue, paint, or mud. Now she is a potter based in Palmyra, Virginia, who creates functional stoneware with Asian accents.

Her inspirations come from the serenity of nature: "cool and calm colors, soft flowing forms, newly sprouted plant life, sleepy bugs, chunks of bone, sticks and stones, and spring peepers, the earliest greeters of the awakening Earth."

Frog Moon Pottery takes its name from the Native American term for the full moon of April. After the Frog Moon, the cold, quiet winter gives way to the enveloping warmth of the spring sun. As Jan explains, "the sounds and smells of the Earth change, bringing renewal and rebirth."

Jan rekindled her high school love for pottery with the encouragement of her husband Paul. She studied ceramics at Piedmont Virginia Community College and trained with Peggy Fasullo, a successful artist who gave Jan experience in production pottery, marketing, and the ins and outs of retail craft shows.

After working for several years in their cramped basement, Jan and Paul moved into a smaller house with a larger studio. Now Jan crafts pots, dishes, and kettles in a wide and sunny space.

In addition to her booth at this year's Holiday Craftacular, you can find Jan's work in her online gallery, on Facebook, and at select retailers throughout central Virginia.

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