Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lindsay Guynn of Angel Jewelry

Though Lindsay Guynn graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BFA in Printmaking, she now specializes in the creation of sterling silver jewelry.

"Though I enjoy printmaking, it isn't practical or possible to continue the type of printmaking I like without the facilities to do so,"Lindsay explains on her Etsy shop, Angel Wing Studio. "A year before graduating I took a metal smithing and jewelry class and fell in love with it!"

Her love for the form shows in her graceful, looping designs, which feature delicate sterling silver wire coiled into organic shapes.

While earrings comprise most of her work, Lindsay also creates rings, necklaces and matching pieces, such as this Falling Star / Shooting Star set with embedded Cubic Zarconia crystals.

She also wraps semi-precious stones and seashells with Sterling Silver to create unique pendants.

You can find the Charlottesville resident at her studio space in Malleable Studio, where she works alongside seven other artists, six of whom are metal smiths. "While working I like to put on music.  Usually more mellow and jazz type of music, something that isn’t too distracting but keeps a flow to the entire studio. I really love Michael Buble!"

Another artist favorite just happens to be Christmas. "I love everything about it, from the family gatherings down to the snow outside." You can help Lindsay celebrate the holidays, and see more of Lindsay's work, at our 2012 Holiday Craftacular. Be sure to check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop for more, including commissioned jewelry, metal work, and visual art.

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