Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Cheers for Local Love!

Photo by the talented ByCary.
She, too, will be at the show tomorrow.
Hey there, local lover!

Just a quick thank you and shout-out from the girl behind the scenes. My name is Elizabeth Derby, and I am a freelance writer, marketer & PR gal here in C'ville. I've been coordinating the promotions for our spectacular Craftacular, and I can't tell you how happy your love of local has made me.

Thanks you to you, we were able to spread the word about this crazy band of artisans in ways we only dreamed of. From a few hundred Facebook likes and a 501-person "reach" in late October, we've grown to 910 likes and counting, with a almost-ridiculous-sounding reach of 17,425 people. My favorite number, though, is the invitees to our Holiday Craftacular: 1,500.


I can't predict how many people will show up this weekend, but I know I'm excited and grateful for every single one. Thank you for supporting the arts and this sweet little town we live in. Thank you for sharing your holiday spirit to lift the dreams of others. I'm proud to be a part of this year's event, and you've officially made it a success.

See you at the show!


SilverMuseStudio said...

Elizabeth - you rock! It has been a joy to work with you! You understood in a heartbeat what we're about and your did an awesome job marketing our show!

ByCary said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!
I agree whole-heartedly with Nancy's comment and just want to suggest that anyone interested in promoting their business, event or idea contact you immediately! You have the knack and know-how and we so appreciate your help promoting Craft Attack and our show!
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow...

Doctor Derby said...

Thank you both for being such a pleasure to work with! I really hope this year is an incredible success because the world needs more beautiful art like yours!